Trip Report: Hike at Northampton Park

Date: March 30, 2024
Location: Northampton Park
Weather: Sunny, 53°F
Attendees: 22

On a splendid day with the sun high and a gentle breeze making the 53-degree weather feel just perfect, 22 enthusiastic participants embarked on an invigorating hike at Northampton Park.

Laughter and conversations filled the air as we traversed the park, with many taking the opportunity to connect with nature and each other.

Halfway through, we took a well-deserved break at a picturesque spot, where some participants took advantage of the photo opportunities, while others simply enjoyed the peace and serenity of the surroundings.

As we concluded our journey and returned to our starting point, there was a unanimous feeling of achievement and satisfaction. The event was not just a physical activity but a memorable experience that fostered community, wellness, and an appreciation for the outdoors.

We look forward to many more adventures together, exploring the beauty of the outdoors and pushing the limits of fitness in a fun and supportive environment.

Trip Report: Snowshoe Winter Hike at Ellison Park

Event Date: February 18, 2024
Location: Ellison Park
Attendees: 20
Weather: Blustery, 28°F with snow

The Snowshoe Winter Hike at Ellison Park brought together 20 outdoor enthusiasts for an invigorating journey through a snowy landscape. Despite the cold, blustery weather and continuous snowfall, spirits were high as participants donned their snowshoes, ready to embrace the winter wonderland before them.

The event kicked off with a brief orientation, then the group then embarked on the planned route, traversing through Ellison Park’s Coyote Den Trail.


  • The picturesque scenery of Ellison Park under a fresh layer of snow provided a stunning backdrop for the hike.
  • The camaraderie among participants, helping each other through tougher sections of the trail.
  • The sense of achievement felt by all upon completing the hike, despite the challenging weather conditions.

The Snowshoe Winter Hike at Ellison Park was a memorable experience for all attendees. It not only provided an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months but also fostered a sense of community among participants. The event was a testament to the joy and adventure that can be found in embracing the cold and snowy season head-on.

Trip Report: Enchanted Evening at Highland Park

Date: February 2, 2024
Location: Highland Park

As dusk fell, our group of 17 embarked on a nocturnal adventure through the serene landscapes of Highland Park. The lack of snow turned our snowshoeing expedition into a night hike, proving once again that the heart of exploration beats not in the perfection of conditions but in the willingness to venture forth into the unknown.

Highland Park, known for its daytime beauty, transformed under the cloak of night into a realm of shadow and mystery, inviting us to tread softly into its hidden corners. Our path, illuminated only by the soft glow of our headlamps, wound through the park’s varied landscapes.

The mild night allowed us to traverse 2.31 miles in a little over an hour, perfect for soaking in the ambiance and engaging with fellow adventurers.

For those who missed this adventure, keep an eye on Survival of the Fitness for more events like this. Whether you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast or someone looking to try something new, there’s a place for you here.

Until next time, keep adventuring.

Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

Embark on a unique Grand Canyon backpacking adventure where you’ll navigate through remote slot canyons, climb rugged cliff ledges, and enjoy overnight stays on isolated beaches, all in a league of its own.

Virtual Info Night Recording

Tentative dates

  • Oct 12 – 15, 2024
  • Dates may be adjusted +/- a day or two until permits are finalized 4 months in advance of trip

Trip Report: Parma Town Park

Date: January 21, 2024
Location: Parma Town Park

Our winter hike/snowshoe event at Parma Town Park was a resounding success, with an impressive turnout that exceeded our expectations. Despite the chilly weather conditions, the warmth of camaraderie and engaging conversations among participants made the cold almost unnoticeable.

The trails themselves were a sight to behold, transformed by the recent snowfall into a pristine winter wonderland. The abundant sunshine cast a magical glow over the snow-covered landscape, creating a series of picture-perfect moments.

After we traversed ~2.5 miles, we enjoy hot chocolate and a few last minute laughs! (Orange and green couch at Iron Smoke anyone?!? 🤣)

We are already looking forward to our next outing and can’t wait to share another memorable experience with all of you. Stay tuned for more details, and once again, thank you for making our winter hike/snowshoe at Parma Town Park a truly special event!

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Trip Report: Cobbs Hill Park

Date: January 7, 2024
Location: Cobbs Hill Park

Thirteen hearty hikers descended onto the snow-covered landscape of Cobbs Hill Park. After the initial ascent to the reservoir, we entered into the expansive, urban-forest known as Washington Grove. We caught our breaths while admiring the expressive graffiti artwork covering the two abandoned water tanks.

The group continued the hike while winding among the variety of freshly-coated trees and bushes. Our trek was accompanied by good conversations and great vibes. After about 3 miles, we arrived back at the parking lot and enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate and some goodbyes.

Thanks to everyone who attended. Hope to see you on the trails again soon!

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