Hit The Trails With Confidence: Top 25 Resources For New Hikers

Embarking on your first hike can feel overwhelming. To navigate the world of hiking with ease, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 resources, each packed with essential information and community-driven insights to get you trail-ready.

1. American Hiking Society

This comprehensive resource offers extensive information on hiking essentials, safety, gear, and stewardship, making it an excellent starting point for beginners.

2. Hiking Project

Hiking Project provides detailed trail maps, photos, and user reviews across the US. It’s an invaluable tool for planning your first hike.

3. REI Expert Advice

From selecting hiking boots to reading trail signs, REI Expert Advice delivers a wealth of knowledge to equip new hikers.

4. AllTrails

AllTrails boasts a comprehensive catalog of hiking trails, complete with user reviews and difficulty ratings, helping you find trails perfect for beginners.

5. Backpacker Magazine

This digital magazine offers a myriad of articles tailored to beginner hikers, covering topics such as gear, training, and safety.

6. Leave No Trace

As new hikers, it’s vital to understand and respect the environment. Leave No Trace educates on principles of responsible outdoor ethics.

7. Trailspace

Before investing in your hiking gear, consult Trailspace, a community-driven review site for outdoor equipment.

8. Hike it Baby

For new parents, Hike it Baby provides resources on how to enjoy hiking with young children, creating an enjoyable outdoor family adventure.

9. The Wilderness Society

Learn about wilderness conservation and advocacy with The Wilderness Society, a crucial resource for understanding how to protect the places we hike.

10. Trail Sisters

Tailored for women, Trail Sisters offers resources, articles, and a supportive community to empower female hikers on the trails.

11. National Park Service

Access information about trails in national parks across the US, including maps, difficulty levels, and safety guidelines.

12. The Dyrt

A platform where campers and hikers share their experiences about campsites and trails, helping you plan your hiking adventure better.

13. Modern Hiker

An excellent blog that offers detailed trail profiles, gear reviews, and hiking news.

14. Cool of the Wild

Offers gear reviews and guides for various outdoor activities, including hiking.

15. Hiking & Backpacking

A great resource for learning about hiking equipment, trail food, and backpacking tips.

16. Go Hiking

Features hiking tips, wildlife information, and comprehensive articles on the great outdoors.

17. Hiking Lady

A blog that provides gear reviews, hiking tips, and trail suggestions tailored specifically for women.

18. Hiking Bob

Written by a hiking enthusiast, this blog covers trail reviews, equipment tips, and hiking news.

19. Mountain IQ

Provides guides and tips for mountain lovers, including information on hiking trails, gear, and safety.

20. Clever Hiker

Offers gear reviews, trail guides, and tips for hikers looking to improve their outdoor skills.

21. The Big Outside

Written by a seasoned outdoorsman, this blog offers trail reviews, gear lists, and hiking tips.

22. Section Hiker

Features hiking gear reviews, trail guides, and tips for backpacking and hiking.

23. Hiker Track

Offers a variety of hiking tips, gear reviews, and trail suggestions for hikers of all levels.

24. Wander the Road

A blog written by a hiking enthusiast that provides trail reviews, gear recommendations, and hiking tips.

25. The Hiking Life

Offers comprehensive guides on hiking trails around the world, gear reviews, and tips for long-distance hiking.

Embarking on your hiking journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With these 25 resources, you’re equipped to hit the trails with confidence, experience the joy of the outdoors, and take the first steps on your hiking adventure.