Tune Into Adventure: The 25 Best Outdoor Adventure Podcasts

Adventure is not just an activity, but a state of mind. Whether you’re summiting a mountain peak, casting a line into a bubbling stream, or planning your next great journey, these 25 top outdoor adventure podcasts bring the thrill of the wild directly to your ears.

1. The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries takes listeners on a journey through exhilarating personal stories of outdoor adventurers.

2. The Adventure Podcast

Delve into the world of extreme sports and audacious adventures with this riveting podcast.

3. Out There

Out There combines storytelling and philosophical reflections, exploring profound life questions through the lens of the outdoors.

4. The Sharp End

Brought to you by the American Alpine Club, The Sharp End offers gripping tales and valuable safety tips from the world of climbing.

5. She Explores

Focusing on inspiring women in the outdoors, She Explores shares stories of challenge, triumph, and connection with nature.

6. Backpacker Radio

Dedicated to the ins and outs of long-distance backpacking and thru-hiking, Backpacker Radio is a must-listen for any trail enthusiast.

7. Wild Ideas Worth Living

This podcast shares the stories of individuals who turned their wild, outdoor-focused ideas into their life’s work.

8. The First 40 Miles

Designed for newcomers to backpacking, The First 40 Miles provides helpful tips, resources, and encouragement to get you started on your backpacking journey.

9. Outside/In

A podcast exploring the intersection between humans and the natural world, Outside/In delves into environmental science, outdoor recreation, and more.

10. Alpinist

Alpinist podcast provides in-depth conversations with notable figures in the climbing community about mountaineering culture and history.

11. The Adventure Sports Podcast

Interviewing adventurers from around the globe, this podcast covers a wide array of outdoor sports and wilderness adventures.

12. The Enormocast

A rock climbing podcast that captures personal stories and experiences from climbers of all stripes.

13. Living Adventurously

Hosted by adventurer Alastair Humphreys, this podcast dives into what it means to live adventurously in the modern world.

14. MtnMeister

Featuring interviews with athletes in outdoor sports, MtnMeister explores the minds of those who push their limits in the mountains.

15. The Stokecast

This podcast features conversations with athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs about balancing outdoor passion with business.

16. Outdoorsy Diva

Outdoorsy Diva shares stories of adventure and exploration from diverse and underrepresented voices in the outdoor community.

17. By Land

Helping people better enjoy their backpacking experiences, By Land shares stories, advice, and insights from seasoned backpackers.

18. The Trail Show

A monthly podcast that brings the long-distance backpacking community together for tales from the trail and important conservation issues.

19. Tough Girl Podcast

Focused on inspiring women, Tough Girl Podcast shares stories of female adventurers and athletes who overcome great obstacles.

20. Adventure Sports Network

ASN podcast covers a wide array of outdoor sports and lifestyle topics, from adventure travel to sustainable living.

21. Foot Stuff Podcast

Tales of adventure and antics from the wild, this podcast covers everything from backcountry crimes to eccentric outdoor characters.

22. Wilderness Podcast

An entertaining and educational podcast focusing on nature, wildlife, and wilderness adventure.

23. The Adventure Zone

A podcast that transports you to the most thrilling and daring places on the planet.

24. The Firn Line

A podcast dedicated to the lives of mountain climbers, artists, adventurers, and conservationists sharing their stories of the Alaskan wilderness.

25. Trust The Trail

A podcast dedicated to the journey of hiking and backpacking, offering tips, insights, and the lessons nature teaches us.

Immerse yourself in these fascinating podcasts and let them guide you, educate you, and inspire you for your next outdoor adventure.